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Raymond Hoser, Australia's Snakeman.

The web domain snakeman.co fits his bill as Hoser and his business, Snakebusters has been catching snakes for more than 30 years!
Who ya gonna call?

Raymond Hoser isn’t just the snakeman who gets up at all hours to rescue snakes.  He’s worn many hats, including as Australia’s best-known conservation and wildlife authority, author of numerous books and definitive scientific papers and the owner of Australia’s best known wildlife education company, Snakebusters.

Recently the trademarks office gave Hoser's company the legally enforceable right to call themselves “Australia’s BEST reptiles”. To say it's rare for any business to get the legally enforceable right to state as a fact that they are better than all rivals is rare indeed.

In summary in this case, it was because Hoser and his company are of a standard way above all others.

As a historical fact Hoser invented kids reptile parties.  When he started the idea, people thought Hoser was a bit loopy. Actually, many people still do! But now the idea of reptile parties has been copied worldwide with wildlife parties on offer in nearly every major city on earth.

Hoser’s originality hasn’t just been in terms of education and entertainment.  In an action that was condemned as reckless at the start, Hoser was the first person in Australia to publicly call for the legalisation of private ownership of reptiles and other wildlife across Australia.  In a jurisdiction that banned such activity and where the government-controlled media were dead against such ideas, Hoser paid the price.

He was vilified, held up to public hatred, attacked and even jailed.  However after a 20-year battle and several best-selling wildlife books, governments across Australia were forced to change the rules to allow private people the right to keep reptiles as pets. Unfortunately many of those in high places who fought against Hoser's push to legalise the right of people to keep reptiles as pets have borne grudges and they continue to attack Hoser at every opportunity.

Hoser has at times been similarly lampooned in academic circles for reclassifying reptiles and at times naming new genera and species.  However the science of others eventually caught up with Hoser’s standard and now generic and species names first used by Hoser are in general usage.  Included here is the name for the world’s longest snake, Broghammerus reticulatus.  The name Broghammerus first being used by Hoser in 2004.

It’s fitting that the snakeman professional got naming rights on the world’s longest snake! The downside is that every time one of Hoser's enemies sees a so-called "Hoser name" in a book, paper or even on the internet, they feel threatened and relaunch vicious campaigns aimed at trying to discredit the snakeman. With thousands of webpages using Hoser snake names and hundreds more being uploaded daily, the Hoser legacy is permenant and for the benefit of all humanity.

The snakeman’s company Snakebusters, does reptile shows across Australia, but is based in Melbourne, Victoria, so is busiest there.

Being the best at what they do, Snakebusters does all levels of wildlife education, ranging from accredited snake handling courses, university lectures, school incursions, corporate displays, snake shows for events, reptile show displays for shopping malls and even kinder incursions.

Snakebusters is alone in Australia with hands-on reptile education and reptile party entertainment that allows people to hold the animals.

Then in his spare time the Australian snakeman is out there catching snakes, either in the bush for scientific research or rescuing snakes from conflict with people in their homes. There isn't too much spare time as besides doing all the education stuff, the snake man must also look after a massive custom-built facility that houses the snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tortoises and frogs, all used in the educational reptile displays.

The snake man trademark is registered and includes for:

kids shows Melbourne, including reptile handling education and other forms of education.

The snake man trademark is also registered for:

reptile displays Melbourne, including reptile parties, snake shows in Victoria and other forms of teaching in Melbourne.